Service aims and objectives

We understand that choosing the right home care provider to care for a loved one is not an easy decision to make.  We are always working to develop the services we can offer, providing quality care to the whole community, regardless of how that care is funded.  We work very hard to promote quality as part of our workforce development strategy.

There will always be limiting factors which determine your decision about home care provision, which might include, a service user's physical need, mental capacity, loneliness, or financial limitations. At Peak Home Care we can work with individuals, their family, other health care professionals, to work out the best possible plan to achieve the best outcome.

The service user/client, and their needs will always be the main priority.  All decisions made, are to provide the best care possible.  To achieve this, we carry out full initial assessments.

The rights of our service users are at the forefront of our philosophy of care, which includes the following:-

  •  The right to dignity.  We treat our clients as valued individuals, assisting with how they wish to appear to others through choice of clothing, appearance and behaviour

  • The right to privacy, by being discreet and confidential at all times

  • The right to live an independent life as far as possible.  We help our clients help themselves as much as they are able

  • The right to choose. We encourage our clients to be able to select from a range of options in many aspects of their lives - this might include simply choosing which clothes to put on each morning

  • The right to fulfilment.  We help our clients realise aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives, by respecting individual religious and cultural diversity and by encouraging social, artistic, intellectual, sprirtual and personal ambitions

  • The enjoyment of civil rights - We aim to help our clients to continue to access and make use of all services provided in the wider community, both democratically and commercially.